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The 2017 Track season is now over.  Off-Season Training in preparation for the Indoor Competition in 2018 begins in October.  If you join the Greyhounds club between Sept 1 and Dec 31, 2017, your membership will carry through till Dec 31, 2018.  

Persons interested in joining the Greyhounds may attend 3 practices before committing to a membership.  Practices are held at North Surrey Senior Secondary School on Saturdays starting at 10:00 a.m from March to September.  For winter training locations, please contact one of the coaches or an executive.  

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After attending 3 training sessions, join the Greyhounds in three easy steps:

Step 1  

Step 2 

  • Write a cheque payable to Greyhounds Track Club for the amount of   $163.00; OR, if you intend to practice with the team but not compete in meets, for the amount of $115.75 
  • or you may pay using Paypal.  Note there is a fee for using Paypal that has been added to the above amounts.
Membership Type

Step 3 

  • Mail the completed form and cheque to: Registrar of the Greyhounds.  (or if you paid using Paypal, mail completed form only.) 

Greyhound Code of Conduct

All members of the Greyhounds Track and Field Club will be expected to adhere to the following rules and guidelines at all Club activities on or off the track.  The Club has three common sense rules:

          1.  Show respect for others and for the property of others;

          2.  Show respect for persons in authority;

          3. Show respect for the training environment and for each athlete’s right

          to participate without distraction.

For more details, see full text of Greyhound Code of Conduct.

Greyhound Executive Structure

Intent of Changes to Greyhound Executive:

  • Through a re-structuring of the Executive, we have provided a foundation for an orderly succession of executive and coaching positions in order to give the club a reasonable chance to continue its mission on into the future.
  • We also have provided a foundation for more financial accountability in the form of checks and balances in the receipt and disbursement of funds.

For more details, see full text of Greyhound Executive Structure.

Details on Fees as per 2017 Greyhound Fee Schedule

Competitive Athlete rate: $163.00

This rate includes $100 for the Greyhound club fee and $63.00 for membership in BC Athletics.  The $63.00 BC Athletic Competitive fee includes $10 for membership in Canadian Masters Athletics, $5 for membership in Athletics Canada and an amount to cover the insurance premium for practice and competition.  The $75 club fee covers 3 x 1½ hour training sessions per week, weather permitting, but does not include entry fees for track meets. 

Non-Competitive Athlete rate: $115.75

This rate includes $100.00 for the Greyhound club fee and $15.75 for BC Athletics.  The $15.75 B.C. Athletics fee covers insurance for training but does not include insurance for competition.  The $75 club fee covers 3 x 1½ hour training sessions per week, weather permitting.


If you have any questions about joining the Greyhounds, contact the Greyhounds Track and Field Club.

                                                                          Issues? Email the Webmaster