Greyhounds Masters Track Weekly Workouts

Our Program

Our Sponsor and Donor Deals

The Greyhounds need sponsors and donors to help finance the club and to enable us to fulfill our mission of promoting the health and wellbeing of Masters (35+) and Seniors (55+) through participation in Track and Field.

We ask our sponsors to provide us with an annual grant at one of three levels:

        $1000 - Gold level; 

        $500 - Silver Level

        $250 - Bronze Level.  

We expect all sponsorship grants to be paid by May 1 in time for our Spring/Summer season or, for those sponsors who come on board later in the summer, we expect a prorated amount to be paid immediately.  In return, we will publish for 12 months beginning May 1 and ending April 30 the sponsor's logo and advertisement on our increasingly popular website.

We ask our donors to pay or help pay for a piece of equipment needed by the Club, for example, a shot put, a javelin or a set of starting blocks.  In return, we will acknowledge the donor's contribution on our Greyhound Donor Page.

How to Become a Greyhound Sponsor

1. Read our letter to prospective sponsors.  (See Sponsor Letter)

2. Contact Urith Hayley (President) at <> or club representative.

3. Provide the Webmaster with your company's logo and a website ad.

4. Cut a cheque payable to Greyhounds Track Club

How to Become a Greyhound Donor

1. Go to the Equipment Wish List on this website.

2. Select from our equipment wish list an item you are willing to pay for or help pay for.

3. Contact Urith Hayley (President) at <>or a club representative and pledge an amount to cover or help cover the cost of a particular item.

4. Cut a cheque for the amount of the pledge to the Greyhounds Track Club.

                                                                          Issues? Email the Webmaster