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Canadian Relay Records - 2017

Canadian Relay Records - 2016

BC record in the M35 4x100m

IMG 4702

L-R Steve Colbert, Luke Wang, Marvin Johnson, Brian Carnate

Our young men sprinters wowed the crowd as they carried the baton around the track in record time (44.90). Breaking the BC record in the M35 4x100m were: Brian Carnate, Marvin Johnson, Luke Wang (a Kajaks member) and Steve Colbert. Their time was less than a second off the Canadian record, and considering that only Brian is under 40 (actually 40 in only 5 weeks), they were just 0.14 seconds off the M40 Canadian record. 

Canadian Record for W55 4x800m Relay

On Tuesday evening at the Ocean Athletics Summer Series #3 all-comers meet, our Greyhounds women broke the Canadian W55+ 4x800m relay record.  The team finished the 3200m relay in 12:28.43 breaking the listed Canadian record of 13:28.82, by a full minute.

W55+ 4x800m - CR

Running on this team were:  Linda Ordowski (1st leg in 3:01), Sharon Hann (2nd leg in 3:27), Kajak’s member Debbie Jordan (3rd leg in 3:18) and Janette Wood (anchor in 2:42).

Canadian Record for W55 4x400m Relay

Elaine Whidden, Valerie Scott, Cindy O’Brien Hugh, and Linda Ordowski set a new Canadian Record in W55 4X400m relay with a time of 5:18.22 at the BC Masters in Langley, BC on June 17, 2017.

IMG 0194

Greyhounds W60 4x100m Canadian Record falls! 


Linda Tauvette, Wendy Alexis, Karla Del Grande and Elaine Whidden

Our Greyhounds W60m 4x100 Relay Canadian record was broken on Aug 14, 2016 at the Canadian Masters Outdoor Championships in Toronto.  Our only consolation was that Elaine Whidden made up the team that set the new record.  It is a rare occasion that the top 4 ranked W60 women in Canada are at the same meet and they took the opportunity to set a record that will be in the books for a long time.  Elaine Whidden, Wendy Alexis, Linda Tauvette and Karla Del Grande set the new bar at 58.03 secs.  

Another Canadian Relay Record falls to Greyhound Women!

Our Greyhounds women did it again!  (Writes Harold Morioka) This time they broke the Canadian W60+ 4x400m relay record.  Competing in the Ocean Athletics Summer Series #4 All comers meet in South Surrey, our Greyhounds women broke the Canadian record by a whopping 27 seconds.  

4X400  W60

Marie Johnson, Elaine Whidden, Christa Bortignon, Valerie Scott

Leadoff runner Marie Johnson got the team off to a fast record-setting pace.  Then ageless Christa Bortignon, despite a bothersome hip, ran an excellent 2nd leg to keep our team on pace to break the Canadian record.  Running third, Valerie Scott who keeps improving with every run, ran another excellent lap of the track.  Finally when anchor runner Elaine Whidden crossed the finish line, the clock stopped at 5:27.92, almost half a minute better than the listed Canadian record.  

The previous Canadian W60+ 1600m relay record was held by Team Canada who ran 5:54.64 at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Carolina, Puerto Rico, in 2003.

New Canadian 4x100m W60 Relay Record

Four Masters women from the Greyhounds Masters Track and Field Club set a new Canadian standard in the W60 4x100 metre relay. Competing on April 26th, at the University of Oregon's famed Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, the team of Deborah Lee, Christa Bortignon, Urith Hayley and Elaine Whidden, ran the 400 metre relay in a time of 1:03.74. 


Elaine Whidden, Deborah Lee, Bill Bowerman (statue), Christa Bortignon, Urith Hayley

This breaks the Canadian Masters W60 record of 1:04.60 which was set by Team Canada at the 2011 World Masters Athletics Championships, in Sacramento, California. Having four women from the same club break a National record which was set by four women representing Canada, is a huge accomplishment.This is the 4th time in 2015 that our Greyhounds set/broke Canadian relay records. 

New Canadian M70 Indoor 4x400m

At the BC Masters Indoor Championships in Kamloops, our Greyhounds were involved in three Canadian relay records. 

Men 4x200

Tom Ukonmaanaho, Bill McNamara, Mark Stewart, Surinder Shah

Three Greyhounds, Surinder Shah, Mark Stewart and Bill McNamara, teamed up with non-member,Tom Ukonmaanaho, to break the Canadian M70 Indoor 4x400m record with a time of 5:12.10 (old record was 5:37.73). 

They also set a new Canadian standard in the M70 Indoor 4x200m relay with a time of 2:19.16.

Lynette Gabriella

Lynette to Gabriella in W65 Indoor 4x200m relay

Setting a new Canadian standard in the W65 Indoor 4x200m relay were Greyhounds' Lynette Baldock, Gabriella Moro and Christa Bortignon. With non-member, Winni MacKay-Smith, these women sped around the 800 metre relay in a time of 2:54.30. 

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