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Even if you can't make practice with us in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, you can still train with us by subscribing to our weekly "Weekly Workout" Newsletter.

Our coaches are volunteers and therefore are not able to offer any personal coaching. The 2018 Track season is over and we are currently on a rest break. Off-Season Training in preparation for the Indoor Competition in 2019 begins in October. To subscribe for the 2019 seasoner, click on the Buy Now button below. Once payment is received, you will start receiving the training at the email address you listed in your payment.

Each Weekly Workout is:

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100m Runners - Weekly Workout for October 8

We’re back at it again!

At this time of the season, we are working on building a firm base, rather than focusing on speed. If necessary, please self alter the workouts to suit your physical capabilities. The volume for each workout will remain high but the intensity (effort) put into each run should be greatly reduced.

Practice #1 (Monday or Tuesday) -TOTAL MAX VOLUME: 750M (90+% Effort)
Practise #2 (Wednesday or Thursday) - TOTAL MAX VOLUM: 490M (95+% Effort)