Message Regarding Coronavirus

Sam Walker

In the past weeks, we've witnessed unprecedented changes to our way of life and the Coronavirus pandemic's growing impact on the world's economy. Notification from our track and field parenting body (BC Athletics) passed down an immediate cease to all group training.  Tracks, parks and fields have been closed in many areas.  

Due to the significant impact of the pandemic, many (if not all) of the track and field meets we were expecting to attend have been cancelled/postponed.  The last notification being the 55+ Games cancellation only minutes ago.  While the cancellation of many track and field meets causes frustration and the physical distancing is difficult, I trust you all can appreciate how necessary this is as we adjust to a new way of life.

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its dramatic impact on our lives, know that (though it may take some time), together we will get through this.  Aside from the struggles of trying to maintain our conditioning achieved so far, a number of our Greyhounds members have been laid off and may be struggling to cope with the stresses facing them financially in the upcoming months.  Please continue to support and reach out to each other.  

If anyone requires a helping hand or an ear to listen, please reach out.  We are a large Greyhounds family.  We support each other in training. competition and friendship.  For that I am thankful. Be safe. Be Strong. Be Healthy.

Coach Sam Walker