Front Line Heroes

Urith Hayley

BC Athletics recently nominated nine track and field athletes who have been working the front lines in health care during the Covid-19 epidemic.  We are proud to have Jess Aujla, a Greyhound member, as one of the recipients of this award. The following is taken from the BC Athletics website.

"Going the Extra Mile: Jess has provided diagnostic medical laboratory services to the public and medical professionals since 1997. His vast experience in this field has encompassed working during the SARS, MERS, H1N1 influenza, and Zika virus on the frontline, collecting laboratory specimens. During Jess's tenure in this capacity, Jess and his team served over 175 patients daily at an exhausting and non-stop pace. His dedication, resilience, leadership, and work ethic is his true strength and fundamental character.  He is a true people person and never hesitates to put others before himself."

Thank you, Jess and all of the other Greyhounds who work on the frontline in health care or essential services!